Morning Word Day 3 – Adam Vaughan’s Big Day

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Adam Vaughan dried his face with coarse brown paper towel. He wiped his lenses clean and slipped the thick black frames over his white temples. The middle-aged man looked back at himself in the bathroom mirror and smiled. He had made it.

After so many years of giving so much to his job on city council, he had become a federal MP. Behind him were the petty squabbles and the immature power games. At this level, he would matter, he would be able to effect real change, real policies, like his idea to increase funds to municipalities like his beloved home of Toronto.

“Heeeeey, there’s my guy!” said Justin Trudeau as he entered the bathroom. He playfully punched Adam in the gut a few times and pat him forcefully on the back. “You’re a star, my man, a star!” Adam dropped his eyes and shrugged. “Just doing my job.”

Trudeau put his arm around him and got in close. “Listen, before you go out there to give your well-deserved victory speech, I wonder if you can do something for me. I want you to shampoo my hair.” Adam smirked. So did Trudeau. Adam smiled and laughed.

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, I want you to shampoo my hair. Right now. Would that be okay?”

Adam’s smile faded but Trudeau’s beamed down on him like the sun. He didn’t want to disappoint his boss before working a single day. “Here?”

“Yeah, right here in the bathroom. We’ll use the sink. I have a little bottle of Head & Shoulders on me.” Trudeau held out the bottle but Adam didn’t reach for it. “You know that idea you had about increasing funding to city infrastructure? I’ll let you raise that in the house if you shampoo my hair.”

Adam agreed and turned on the tap, running it until it was luke warm. He guided Trudeau’s head under the water and gently massaged the soap into his his boss’s hair. “Mmm, that’s real nice, Adam. Real nice.”

“Thank you, Justin.”

“Seriously, those are just gorgeous fingers.”

The bathroom door opened. Adam’s campaign manager stood there, frozen in mid-stride. Adam didn’t know what to say to the man but he spoke first. “They’re ready for you.”

Adam didn’t take his hands off Justin’s wet head. “Thank you,” he said. “I’ll just be a minute.”

His friend nodded, “Okay. Do you need anything?”

Justin answered for him “Everything’s fine. He’ll be out in a minute.”

“Okay.” And he backed out the door.

Justin dried his hair with the brown paper towel. “Thanks, super star. Now get out there and shine.” He squeezed Adam’s shoulder. Adam smiled, some confidence returning. “I’ll make sure to announce my initiative to increase funds for municipalities.”

Justin winced. “You know, now might not be the best time. We’ll talk about it, alright? We’ll figure out a good time.”

Adam nodded and followed him out of the bathroom. Justin took to the stage to thunderous applause. He waved them off graciously and said, “Trinity-Spadina, you have placed yourself in good hands. Trust me on that. Please welcome my friend and your new MP, the ever independent Mister Adam Vaughan.”