Morning Word Day 18 – Not Feeling Fantastic

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Mr. Fantastic hit the hard glass and went straight through it. He bounced across the bank lobby’s marble floor and came to a sudden stop when his head made contact with a mahogany desk. He felt the vibration wiggle its way from the top of his body all the way down and out the bottom of his feet. Unharmed, he was quickly out the window and back onto the street where his family, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing, were doing battle with Doctor Doom and his race of genetically improved Mantis Shrimp.

The dozen bear-sized shrimp used their lightening fast arms to whip at Mr. Fantastic but he would not underestimate them again. He knew he needed team work to defeat these monsters. He called on The Thing and Sue to push the shrimp together. He wrapped his body around them and ordered Johnny to burn them. Just as the fire hit, Mr. Fantastic let go of his legs and was flung away like an elastic band.

When the smoke cleared, Doctor Doom had escaped. “Don’t worry, team!” Said Fantastic, “We’ll find him and put an end to his monstrous experiments – oooooooooooowwwwww.” He fell to the ground clutching his side.


Doctor Whitman flipped through page after page of test results. The rest of the Fantastic 4 stood quietly next to their leader’s bed. Sue held his hand. “What is it, doctor? What has Doom done to him?”

“Stage 4 abdominal cancer.”

“That fiend!” cried Johnny. “He must have used some sort of cancer laser when we weren’t looking!”

“It’s just regular cancer. Not the laser gun induced kind.” The doctor pointed to Reid’s medical history. “It says here that were all exposed to an extremely heavy dose of gamma radiation a few years ago? None of you have been examined by a doctor since then?”

The Thing looked to his friends, confused. “When we got powers we stopped worrying about regular human stuff.”

The doctor nodded. “Yeah, I don’t get that. If it was me and I turned into a rock person, the first thing I would do is go to the hospital.”


“You could be extremely susceptible to blood clots. Your veins are made of rock too, right?”

“I dunno.”

“You’ve never had any health problems since the incident?”

“Not at all! Except sometimes, maybe once a week, I black out for about an hour and for a while afterward I forget everything I ever knew.” Everyone in the room gasped. “It comes back!”

“And I don’t know what could be wrong with you two,” the doctor pointed to Johnny and Sue. “I assume that you’re constantly suffering from dehydration and I can only imagine the psychological damage being called ‘the Invisible Woman’ takes. “

Mr. Fantastic sat up groggily. “Must find…Doom’s layer…stop monsters.”

The doctor put a hand on his shoulder. “That’s a terrible idea. Every time you go elastic you squeeze the cancer to the extremities of your body like a tube of spent toothpaste. You’re probably going to die. And the rest of you better double check your health insurance policies.” The team looked away. “Seriously? Well, no one will cover you with pre-existing conditions like these.”