Morning Word Day 13 – The Ant & The Skittle

13 grass banner

Once there was a very small ant who was walking through the field. The rainy season was fast approaching so finding enough to eat was a matter of life and death for his colony. He was told the only place to find food was in the tall trees but he was too small to climb them.

As he marched through the tall, sharp blades of yellow grass, he saw something bright and purple in the distance. He found what looked like a small rock. It was hard and smooth and had a big white S on the top.

He licked it and discovered it did taste a bit sweet. He scraped at the hard shell to find a delicious meat within. This was glorious treasure but he was too small to push it back to the colony.

A big drop of water splashed beside him. The rain was coming and there was no time. He looked at the S-rock with desperate eyes. It was so big he could live in it. What an idea!

He munched at the tiny hole he made. Shortly he had carved a tunnel to the centre of the rock. He dug out a living room and a kitchen and even a basement where he stored pieces of tasty sugar.

He watched the rains fall from his porch. Over the season, slowly the outer shell melted and on the last day of rain the ceiling above him was so thin he could see through it.

When the sun came out and dried the ground, the fat little ant waddled back to his colony. Sadly, all the ants who stayed to forage in the trees had drowned.

Moral of the story: Imagine living it a Skittle! That would be fucking awesome!