Morning Wood Day 26 – On Writing

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Search through the morning paper for an idea. That’s where the new things happen so maybe there are new ideas. Many headlines but few are unique. Always a plane crash, always a dead body, always a scandal or a new beverage flavour. Water, water, everywhere.

Regardless, words must be placed one after another. But as they are, their orientation feels very familiar. There are only so many words and there are only so many words that people use therefore there are limited permutations. It is not just possible, it is likely that this has been written before. This.

And trying something new doesn’t guarantee uniqueness. It’s only new to the writer. Today’s ideas could have been last years ideas. they could have been the same ideas two hundred years ago. Or perhaps a totally different idea resulted in the exact same word placement. Perhaps some other writer wrote everything you’re reading now but in response to something else entirely. Maybe this is the millionth time these words have been placed thusly. Thusly. Thusly.

It’s the little things – no song a chorus, no story a page – so the whole can only be measured at the end. Still, there is no surety that anything has been accomplished at all. But maybe. Maybe.