Tim Hortons To Offer Real Espresso At $2 A Cup

November 2, 2011


Later this month, Tim Hortons will add espresso to its menu. Espresso-based coffees are often seen as luxury beverage that don’t adapt well to the fast-food environment. Tim Hortons says it will make espresso just like they do in France, from a packet of prepared frozen gels made of water, salt, sugar, milk solids, cornstarch, and food colouring.

The company points to its success with flavoured cappuccino as proof they can make a premium product more familiar. Similarly, the espresso will come in a variety of flavours: Boston Cream, Honey Cruller, and Cheese Croissant. You can also have it strained through an everything bagel.

Tim Hortons expects to lose some efficiency explaining what it is to old men before deciding that they don’t want one.

Tim Hortons X-Press-Oooooo! goes on sale November 14th.

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