Hollywood Adaptations


April 29, 2010

Phonies (Political Thriller)
Based on “The Catcher in the Rye”
An under-performing high school student cracks a corporate pollution cover up that is killing all the ducks in the park.
Starring: Shia La Boeuf as Holden; Angelina Jolie as his sister

Seeing Red (Horror)
Based on “Anne of Green Gables”
A young asylum patient escapes from the hospital and kills an orphan boy bound for rural PEI. She takes his place and convinces the family to adopt her into their home.
Starring: Tara Reid as Anne

Blow the Conch (Teen Rom-Com)
Based on “Lord of the Flies”
A group of homosexual choir boys are stranded on an island where they are finally accepted in a society of their own making.
Starring: The dog from “Frasier” as the monster.

Stumped (Courtroom Drama)
Based on “The Giving Tree”
A man pranks his friends by dressing up like a tree and scaring them. When he’s found dead and limbless in the morning, a jury must decide if his friends killed him or if they just needed firewood.
Starring: Andy Dick as the man in the tree 

Orcanized Crime (Action)
Based on “Moby Dick”
A twisted surgeon trains a pod of whales to steal people’s legs for his experiments. One of the victims, a former Navy SEAL, tracks down the doctor with the use of his new robot prosthesis that turns into various weapons.
Staring: Peter Cullen as the leg.