This Hour Has 22 Minutes – Writer – 8 Episodes
Connect With Mark Kelley – Writer – 5 Episodes
Royal Canadian Air Farce – Writer – 31 Episodes
Distinguished Arists – Writer/Researcher – 15 Episodes



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Film reviews I’ve written for Toronto’s favourite nerd culture blog:

Between The Lines (Rob Ford’s war on graffiti)
The Newsroom – Episode 1.2
Captain American: The First Avenger


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I wrote articles for several blogs while working for social media marketer M30 Communications.

Envirogy & Enviralment Samples
LALM & Snowball Samples




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I believe that everyone has a story to tell. So when my friend of 20 years announced she was getting married within a month of her 30th birthday, I decided to write her biography by collecting stories from the people in her life.

See the making of…

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I wanted to instill in myself a discipline of writing so I created a project with a factory-like production schedule. From 2009 to 2010, I wrote 246 posts. I didn’t consider what I would write about until I put fingers to keys. Some samples:

Eulogy of an Actor
A Theme Park
Flatline Punchline
Hollywood Adaptations
These are the Things That Define Me
Criminal Law and Procedure