Brian Crosby
4-17 Claxton Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
M6C 1L7

March 9, 2015

Vice Media Inc
360 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON
CA M6K 1Z8

Dear VICE:

Please accept my application for the role of Social Media Producer. You and I are both passionate about content. I would be excited to join forces and help you in your mission to entertain and educate.

I’ve been working in social/digital for four years. At M30 Communications, I created and published editorial content on topics like energy policy, entertainmnet, and lifestyle news. I worked independently to create unique concepts. For an energy news blog, I created a series of articles in which significant global construction projects were introduced to readers in the layout of a Playboy centrefold. This unconventional tactic proved be extremely successful receiving high clickthroughs and time-spent on the blog.

With each new project or company, it is vital that I match the social tone of the brand. During CIBC’s recent surprise and delight campaign, I interacted with users like a helpful and friendly concierge. By the end of the holiday season, I had surprised 471 frustrated travellers with gifts and services via Twitter and interacted with hundreds more.

But above all else, working with and developing new content is what I’m passionate about. Like Vice, I create a variety of materials, from photos to videos to articles. Currently, I’m working with nerd culture hub to create an online review show called Fan V Fan. In the current series, we have a comic book geek and a television writer reviewing CW’s The Flash. In the Spring, we will begin the second series with Game of Thrones and two new hosts in a similar dynamic.

Since you asked, yes, I do spend a lot of time online. Some of my favourites haunts include r/photography (subreddit), Will It Beard (Tumblr), and @ProBirdRights (Twitter) .

Per your request, my salary expectations is $50,000 – $60,000. You can view my resume here and I look forward to speaking with you regarding my qualifications. Thank you for your time.


Brian Crosby