That Time I Defended Abortion At A Wedding

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“That Time I…” posts are true stories that am I retiring from my social repertoire. To honour them, I am committing them to text for the first time. Read stories about sound torturemy awesome tattoo, and the infamous Tragic Hand Button.

As I drove down a forested back road, I kept an eye out for moose lurking near the treeline. John promised that he was not exaggerating. He said that a moose is a mountain on legs and there were many of them in northern New Brunswick. If my car collided with one, the mountain would crush me to death and then get up and walk away. So yes, I was being diligent but the local wildlife was not the concern foremost on my mind. I was really worried about meeting John’s mother.

NEW THING: 3 Books To Save The World – Sexology


I tried his concept in the Summer without putting too much thought into it. I always felt like there was a good idea in there, I just hadn’t found it.

After some rumination, I realized the heart of the idea should be to peer into the lives of experts and have them reveal the best of their personal stash. To hold it together, I would pick people with an M.O, a goal, a dream, someone who believes there is a problem in the world that could be solved with these three books.

So here is the new attempt: Dr. Stephen de Wit tries to save the world from its own rigid sexuality.