Fan V Fan: Game of Thrones


You remember Fan V Fan: it’s the television review show that I created with Dorkshelf. We’ve been covering The Flash for two seasons and we begin covering GoT last year. This season, I step out from behind the camera and join co-host Joel Minty in many loud and enthusiastic conversations about crushing skulls.

Here’s episode three because in this one we finally, mostly got the lighting right.

NEW THING: 3 Books To Save The World – Sexology


I tried his concept in the Summer without putting too much thought into it. I always felt like there was a good idea in there, I just hadn’t found it.

After some rumination, I realized the heart of the idea should be to peer into the lives of experts and have them reveal the best of their personal stash. To hold it together, I would pick people with an M.O, a goal, a dream, someone who believes there is a problem in the world that could be solved with these three books.

So here is the new attempt: Dr. Stephen de Wit tries to save the world from its own rigid sexuality.