Irrelevant Show Sketches

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The Irrelevant Show is a sketch comedy show that airs on CBC Radio One’s national airwaves. The show returns for a fifth season,performing and recording in front of live audiences across Canada.

I am a contributing writer on the 2016 season. New episodes began airing in January and there is already a sketch of mine that you can listen to, A Future Review of Jurassic Park.

‘The Stuff of Things’ makes the top 100

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My comedy pilot for CBC & Comedy Coup has been selected for the top 100! THE STUFF OF THINGS moves onto the next round but we still need your help to succeed.

We’re working on a team bio video and we’re writing the show bible and script. Some of this content will be available to the public and we need to you vote, like, favourite, share, and view everything that we make in the hopes of winning our own prime time television show.

So please click here and check out our trailer, share it with your friends, and get them to share it. Your friends owe you that big favour anyway. Time to cash it in. Thank you!


Watch the first trailer for ‘The Stuff of Things’

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Click here to watch my science mockumentary The Stuff of Things. This is my submission for Comedy Coup which gives me the chance to win a prime time CBC television show.

If you like please help us out by not only viewing but rating, sharing, and faving. It also helps us a great deal if you follow The Stuff of Things on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!

I’m in Comedy Coup!

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Comedy Coup is an accelerated television development process run by the same team of producers who made Wolf Cop . This time they have partnered with CBC and are looking for the next great comedy idea. Myself and comedians Ian MacIntyre and Aaron Hagey-McKay will be submitting The Stuff of Things. It’s a spoof on science documentaries and you can already follow us on Twitter Twitter and Facebook.

The deadline for submissions is today, September 22nd and while we have a trailer ready to show you, we have to hold onto it until October 2nd. But until then, visit us on social media for updates, jokes, and games.