[LALM] The Dark Knight Trilogy by the Numbers

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Published July 27, 2012

Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy has performed spectacularly. He produced the best series of comic book movies ever made. I mean, that’s what people say. Let’s go to the raw numbers to find out.

 The Nolan Trilogy

The Nolan trilogy performed amazingly but his first installment, Batman Begins, was not a generation-defining movie. It didn’t even out-perform Tim Burton’s Batman, making it fourth of all Batmans. It also barely edged-out Batman Forever, the bogged down Two-Face/Riddler/Batgirl/Robin version.

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Comic Book Trilogies

Is Nolan’s series the greatest comic book trilogy of all time? Here are a variety of comic book series by movie. Nolan’s last two – The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises – beat all other films.

Batman - Series BO

But if we look at the franchise total, amazingly, Spiderman ekes it out. That’s how not awesome the box office of Batman Begins was.

Batman - Series total BO

However, Nolan’s series wins on favourability. Some films compete better when comparing quality. For example, X-Men is only about twelve points behind Nolan’s Batman Series.

Batman - Series Ave Rating

Greatest Series of All Time

By any measurement, Nolan’s trilogy is up there. By averaging out their Rotten Tomatoes scores, here are some of our favourite, most well-rated movie series. Undoubtedly, Nolan’s series will go down in history as one of the greatest.

Batman - Av RT Series all time