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No Kidding was a standup comedy series featuring all Canadian talent. I spearheaded the social media strategy, managed its Twitter and Facebook, and participated in the development of the show’s website seen here:


nk front page


When the show launched in the Winter of 2013, I made a point of engaging with celebrities and other high value users who supported Canadian television and comedy. Many of them, like Comedian Ron James, were happy to see a new stand-up comedy show since there are so few of them produced:


Twit - Ron James RT


Another tactic I used to connect with entertainment watchers and professionals was to create a weekly online newsletter. The Canadian Comedy Newsletter filled a gap in the national community by putting news, performance info, and new content in one place. I also used the newsletter to publicize new No Kidding Content.


nk newsletter


Artists, fans, and insiders responded well to the newsletter, recognizing it as fun way to stay current on the Canadian scene. The long running Halifax Comedy Fest was a fan:


halifac comedy fest rt


But the star of the show was obviously the content, hours of brand new Canadian stand-up comedy. The full episodes were available online but I chose to create easily shareable clips and comedy E-cards which were shared on Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit.


Sample E-card:Pat MacDonald - ECard1

Reddit post:

RT graham apartment standup shots 1422 uv fuzz

A shared Tumblr post:

TR Young Degrassi


The E-cards proved so popular that I took it up a notch during summer 2013 with a Facebook tournament. 53 E-cards were posted to the page over several months and were accompanied with a sports-themed bracket. The tournament was repeated the following summer of 2014 with a World Cup theme:


full bracket small


The tournament was cost efficient and highly shareable. Comedians were happy to promote their material and fans were excited to vote for their favourites.


FB tourni engagement


As a companion piece to the show, an ichannel producer created Inside Joke, a short form talk show featuring comedians who appeared on No Kidding. I created graphics such as banners and flyers which addressed the serious themes of each episode.


Sample Banners:

looksismabsent fathersslave labour pickupartist wheres the b


No Kidding was a project the included many elements: full length episodes, video extras, E-cards, tournaments, and its own spin-off talk show. I am proud to have managed and scheduled all of that content effectively, entertaining our audience, and including my own perspective.