Morning Word Day 27 – Hiring More Women


Daniel tapped the pen against the edge of his desk. He read over the resume, nodding approvingly when he reached each period. He looked up at Jenny, the young, professional woman waiting politely before him. He caught her eye smiled.

DANIEL: “Yeah, this looks good.”

JENNY: “Great.”

DANIEL: “Yeah, you have everything you need to be an entry level programmer. But you’ve also got something else.”

JENNY: “What is that?”

DANIEL: “We’re trying to hire more women.”

JENNY: “That’s great. Women are under-represented in the tech sector.”

DANIEL: “That’s what I’m told.”

JENNY: “Google said only 30% of its workforce were women.”

DANIEL: “Yeah, I heard that. So we’re trying to hire more women. More women who can…you know.”

JENNY: “Pardon?”

DANIEL: “Women.”

JENNY: “Yes?”

DANIEL: “We’re trying to hire more.”

JENNY: “Yes, women who can…?”

DANIEL: “Who can…?”

JENNY: “What?”

DANIEL: “You know.”

JENNY: “No.”

DANIEL: “You don’t know?”

JENNY: “No, what are you talking about?”

DANIEL: “I’m just saying that we’re trying to hire more women.”

JENNY: “I get that, but you keep saying ‘women who can’ and then trailing off.”

DANIEL: “Yeah, I was hoping you could tell me. Being a women yourself.”

JENNY: “Tell you what?”

DANIEL: “What it is we need them to do.”

JENNY: “Their job?”

DANIEL: “Yeah, but we need women so they can…”

JENNY: “Work?”

DANIEL: “Sure. Yeah, But also…?”

JENNY: “Do you not want to hire women?”

DANIEL: “I do! Of course! No, no, no, I’m not saying that at all.”

JENNY: “Okay. But you’re looking specifically for women…”

DANIEL: “Yes, women…”

JENNY: “Who can…”

DANIEL: “Who can…”

JENNY: “What?”

DANIEL: “I don’t know!”

JENNY: “What are you talking about!?”

DANIEL: “Women! Who Can! Do something!”

JENNY: “Women are regular people.”

DANIEL: “I know. That’s what we learned in the seminar.”

JENNY: “Okay. So, are you hiring me?”

DANIEL: “I guess?”

JENNY: “What?”

DANIEL: “I mean, yes! Yes, you’re hired. Welcome aboard!”