Morning Word Day 23 – WHO Health Report Toronto [Part 2]

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AUG 6: Upon learning that the illness is not a flu, is unidentified, and aggressive, the provincial Heath Minister orders all Ontario hospitals to be quarantined. Any patients exhibiting flu like symptoms are to present themselves to quarantine. Everyone who has lives in 40 Firvally Crescent or has been inside in the past five days is ordered to quarantine. Mayor Ford refuses and continues to visit City Hall.

Candidate John Tory criticizes the mayor for not stepping aside and urges council to remove his powers.

Candidate Olivia Chow publicly endorses ‘a coup’ of the mayor, asks all city leaders to take on the mayor’s responsibilities, effectively squeezing him out.

Local news releases story of ‘witch hunts’ in Toronto, people being falsely identified of having the illness.

AUG 7: Boy found in woods near funeral home. He is somehow alive but extremely ill. His mother is not allowed to see him.

Community action group known as Shirtless Joggers releases smart phone footage of the boy inside hospital, screaming, biting a nurse, then being shot by police multiple times. He is presumed dead.

AUG 8: Mayor Ford goes missing.

Brother and Councillor Doug Ford begins delivering unofficial press conferences from Deco Label offices. Local news criticizes him for assuming the mayor’s position without authority.

AUG 9: John Tory submits himself to quarantine after wife begins to show symptoms.

Chow submits herself to quarantine.

Deputy Mayor Kelly submits himself to quarantine.

AUG 10: Mayor Ford found dead

Health Minister orders everyone who works at City Hall to quarantine.

40 Firvally Crescent is locked down.


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