Morning Word Day 22 – WHO Health Report Toronto [Part 1]


AUG 1: A boy (Nathan Brown, Age 9) becomes ill and is admitted to the Hospital for Sick Children. Initial analysis suspects flu.

AUG 2: Nathan’s condition worsens. Doctor’s speculate illness may be related to poor living conditions in 40 Firvally Crescent, a Toronto Community Housing building. Nathan’s mother appears on local television appealing to the public to clean up TCHC.

The political environment in Toronto is highly charged but there are few responses to the mother’s interview. Mayor Rob Ford as well as candidates Olivia Chow, John Tory, and David Soknacki offer their condolences to the mother. They pledge support for improving TCHC but urge citizens to wait until doctors determine the true cause of the boy’s illness.

AUG 3: Reports show that Nathan does not have N1H1. Doctors confirm it is not any known strain of flu. Another round of tests is ordered. Before tests are complete, Nathan dies.

The Mother appears on local television again pleading for change at TCHC. The city’s response to Nathan’s death is highly emotional. All candidates blame Mayor Ford for not improving community housing. Ford delivers press conference promising to clean up TCHC. He enters a 40 Firvally Crescent to personally assess the situation.

AUG 4: All mayoral candidates deliver press conferences urging action. Ford calls council meeting to pass emergency funding for TCHC. He is observed to be very anxious and sweating profusely. The funding passes which includes cleaning, paint, new appliances, and debt forgiveness.

AUG 5: The boy’s funeral scheduled for today but the body is missing. Surgeon general notified that illness is not the flu.

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