Morning Word Day 2: From The Makers of Maleficient

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From the makers of Maleficent comes another classic story switcheroo. A young deer grazes on new spring grass when his mother is gunned down before him. Why was Bambi’s mother killed? We’ve never seen a face, we’ve never heard a motive, but all will be revealed in Hunter.

Two guys in camo gear lean against a tree, beer cans in their hands.

“So there I was, her titties wrapped around my face and her husband walks in the front door!”

“What did you do?!”

“Before I could do anything he starts bashing me with his briefcase! And then his wife says ‘Boys, don’t fight. You can both have me!’ Oh shit, Carl! There’s a deer! BLAMMO! Darn, I missed. BLAMMO! Got it.’

“Nice shot!’

“Anyway where was I?”

“She said you can both have me.”

“Ha, yeah! And he was totally into it!”

“Lucky! Another beer?”


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