How To Throw A Harry Potter Party For An Adult

I threw a Harry Potter birthday party for my girlfriend. If you are looking for inspiration for your own party, perhaps one for an adult, check out the photos. Scroll to the bottom for explanation of each element

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I found my decorations online and printed them at home.

Platform 9 3/4 sign
Ministry of Magic Toilet sign
Food signs
House crests


Friends and I tried to recreate as much food as we could including the pink icing Hagrid cake. Here are a few items you may want to try.

Acid Pops
Chocolate Frogs [frog molds][boxes]
Butter Beer

For the Butter Beer, I made recipe #1 and it’s pretty good although exceptionally sweet. I distributed it in shot glasses which, judging from their reactions, was the maximum quantity anyone could handle.


The whole party was a competition. People were allowed to mingle and eat but every so often the socializing was interrupted by a ‘class’. You could put any games in here and find a way to fit it into the Harry Potter world. But here’s what I did.

Sorting Hat Process

I anthropomorphized the sorting hat by asking a friend to play the part. I did however force her wear a frumpy witches hat that looked the part. Although there are real sorting hats if you’re financially inclined.

At the beginning of the party, guests sat in a chair and the sorting hat would perform a little bit of phrenology. She knew everyone at the party so her sorting was pretty accurate.

As they were sorted, they received a necklace with their house crest on it. It was glued to construction paper and tied with a ribbon. Get images above.

Snape’s Potions Class

I was really proud of this because as far as I know I invented it. Essentially it’s making a cocktail in the style of a Mad Lib. The team the makes the best drink, as determined by the party girl or boy wins. Here’s the game:

Pick four cocktails that have three ingredients in them. I picked a Whisky Ginger, a Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, and a White Russian. You can see these ingredients organized vertically in the first SPC slide.

Write down the ingredients on cards and rearrange the rows. Cover with other cards. Each team gets a chance to pick ONE ingredients from each row. The beverage is fed to the birthday person (we did it blindfolded) who rates the drinks.Houses are awarded 10 points to forty points for their placement.

This was really fun. Yes, there’s a good chance the birthday birthday was going to be fed something gross which is part of the appeal.

You could easily play this game without alcohol. There is bit more organization to the boozey version because I wanted each drink to have the proper collection of ingredients (alcohol, mix, garnish/extra) but if you have twelve non-alcoholic liquids, players could pick any three from anywhere.

Quidditch Practice

I really wanted a decent facsimile that included lots of balls, something really physical, but I couldn’t figure it out. Instead, we played several rounds of wiki wars. It was fun and competitive and people really got into it. Yes, you’ll need two laptops for this.

Field Trip To Honeydukes

My idea for this game ended up being similar to the Snape Class. I encourage you to do one or the other.

Get a box of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavour beans. Have each team pick a representative to try a bean blindfolded. Their objective is to guess the flavour of the bean. If they guess it, they get 10 points. If they spit it out, they lose 10 points.


At the end of the party, tally up all the points. Award the winning house a trophy from the dollar store.