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#FAQMP (Frequently Asked Questions for your Member of Parliament) was a talk show / social media hybrid that allowed Canadians to engage with their federal representatives over various social platforms.

#FAQMP was nominated for 2013 Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross Platform Project and a 2014 Impact Award along with Oprah’s Next Chapter.

I joined the show after season one, replacing the marketing team that had helmed all of the show’s digital platforms. During my time on #FAQMP, I took on the role of social media strategist as well as community manager. I introduced a number of new tactics like contests and new platforms which increased site visits by 144%, unique visitors 163%,  and lowered the bounce rate by 6%.


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#FAQMP‘s topical interviews had great potential so I expanded the show’s presence to other platforms like Stumbleupon, Care2, and Reddit. The post below was so popular that the Huffington Post wrote an article about it.

The Reddit Post:

RD - May - No Parties - rCanada - 1st.671u.248c

The Article:

Eliz May huff post


By improving the quality of our Twitter and Facebook posts and by interacting with prominent politicians like Carolyn Bennett, I was able to increase engagement with the show significantly. Political figures and organizations started promoting the show independently.


Twit - Carolyn Bennit RT Trudeau

When the season ended I needed an inexpensive way to spark engagement until the Fall. My solution was create themed weeks around a singular issue such as immigration or healthcare. I had new clips edited and re-released old ones which resulted in lots of conversation, particularly on our Facebook page. Our audience didn’t forget about us in the off-season.


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