Crack Duck is Top 10

This week L.A. Weekly put CRACK DUCK on its list of the top 10 web series of the year. It’s a weird and wonderful show and I’m happy to be a part of the cast. Read the review below:

This surreal, disturbing and oddly heart-warming adult animated web series follows the tribulations of Crack Duck, the depressed, down-on-his-luck apartment manager of Grungetown Towers. In five-minute, fully-fleshed-out stories, creator Danny Lacy and animator Stephen Sloan bring to life a dark and mesmerizing world where tenants like Zqiygyxz, “Daughter of the First One,” perform stomach surgery on the sun, and Crack Duck deals with his crippling social anxiety and ends up becoming one with everything after ingesting Chaolium, the chaos chemical. Watch Crack Duck on Mondo Media’s YouTube Channel.