Comedy Uncovered Previews ‘The Stuff of Things’


Comedy Uncovered included ‘The Stuff of Things’ in its preview of Comedy Coupe submissions:

The Show: The Stuff of Things is a mokcumentary series that explores science, the natural world ‘n stuff. They aspire to take a unique look at the stuff of things, you know?

Why We Think It’ll be Good: We’re big fans of mockumentaries, so imagine our delight when we learned the Stuff of Things is created by the local trio of talented writers/performers Brian Crosby, Aaron Hagey-MacKay, and Ian MacIntyre. Each is involved in the Toronto comedy scene: Aaron Hagey-Mackay (Jape, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival), Ian MacIntyre (The Beaverton, Sunday Night Live), and Brian Crosby (writer on The Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes), how can’t this show be a good time?