Danny Review [Hot Docs 2015]

Hot Docs is a world class documentary film festival held every year in Toronto. Click here to read my review of Danny, a biogr

Morning Word Day 31 – Cookies

William was bawling. Tears poured down his cheeks as he wailed and pointed at the Cookie Monster cookie jar on the counter. Ne

Morning Word Day 30 – Strings [Part 3]

There was nothing to say. The five suited board members asked Doctor Andrew for his presentation, his ideas on how to produce

Morning Word 29 – Strings [Part 2]

Everything he tried had failed. Dr. Andrew was not able to reproduce the faint signal that seemed to be emitted from the filam

Morning Word Day 28 – Strings [Part 1]

The presentation had not gone well. Dr. Andrews thought all he had to do was place his cylinder on the boardroom table and the

Morning Word Day 27 – Hiring More Women

Daniel tapped the pen against the edge of his desk. He read over the resume, nodding approvingly when he reached each period.

Morning Wood Day 26 – On Writing

Search through the morning paper for an idea. That’s where the new things happen so maybe there are new ideas. Many headline

Morning Word Day 25 – Executive Decision Making

Daniel wore khaki pants and white polo that hung loosely on his thin frame. The fifty year old bank manager sipped his red win

Morning Word Day 24 – Topless Burgers

Lucy hummed to herself as she arranged the burger supplies on the table. She placed the bowls of sliced tomato and hand ripped

Morning Word Day 23 – WHO Health Report Toronto [Part 3]

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION STATUS REPORT ON CONDITIONS IN TORONTO – 16/07/2014  AUG 8: Local news reports hundreds are sick