Fan V Fan: Game of Thrones


You remember Fan V Fan: it’s the television review show that I created with Dorkshelf. We’ve been covering The Flash for two seasons and we begin covering GoT last year. This season, I step out from behind the camera and join co-host Joel Minty in many loud and enthusiastic conversations about crushing skulls.

Here’s episode three because in this one we finally, mostly got the lighting right.

Walrus Talks


Noah Taylor and I filmed last month’s Walrus Talks. This session, themed ‘Healthy Cities’, took place in Hamilton on a snowy evening. Seven speakers pitched their ideas for what makes good cities and what could make them better.

Click below to watch the first speaker, Project Bookmark founder Miranda Hill, or click here to view the playlist.


Watch The Pilot To Murder House

Comedy, Murder House, Video

This is very exciting! The first episode to my new show, produced with Mondo Media, is now online. Please watch it and give it a thumbs up.

To be honest, the show is truly about some jerks getting murdered in a house. There is some needless violence. Hopefully you’re into that.

It was created, written, and voiced by myself, Ned Petre, and Andrew Cromwell. We brought in Kat Latwin to perform the female characters in this episode.