‘Accidental Company’ Reunites for Toronto Sketch Fest

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We’re back! The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has announced that my sketch troupe, Accidental Company, will perform at this year’s 10th anniversary festival.

Jordan and I performed there many times in the oughts, culminating in our 2009 win of the Producer’s Pick Award and a performance at the Best of the Fest show.

This being the 10th anniversary, we’re hitting the stage again, joining several other early-year troupes like Dance Party of Newfoundland and The Williamson Playboys. The festival is headlined by SNL castmember Kate McKinnon, The Pajama Men, and CBC Radio’s hit sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show.

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‘The Transgender Project’ Nominated for Canadian Screen Award

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The Transgender Project has been nominated for a CSA in the category of ‘Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction’. It’s a great web series that attempts to create positive transgender stories in the media.

I helped to develop the project’s website and social platforms while serving as the digital strategist and community manager. It’s very nice to see the project recognized in this manner. If you haven’t seen it, visit the site here.

Season 2 is currently in development. It picks up with our subjects a year later and has a new look and tone. You’ll be able see new content in just two weeks! Check back at the end of January.

Crack Duck is Top 10

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This week L.A. Weekly put CRACK DUCK on its list of the top 10 web series of the year. It’s a weird and wonderful show and I’m happy to be a part of the cast. Read the review below:

This surreal, disturbing and oddly heart-warming adult animated web series follows the tribulations of Crack Duck, the depressed, down-on-his-luck apartment manager of Grungetown Towers. In five-minute, fully-fleshed-out stories, creator Danny Lacy and animator Stephen Sloan bring to life a dark and mesmerizing world where tenants like Zqiygyxz, “Daughter of the First One,” perform stomach surgery on the sun, and Crack Duck deals with his crippling social anxiety and ends up becoming one with everything after ingesting Chaolium, the chaos chemical. Watch Crack Duck on Mondo Media’s YouTube Channel.

Comedy Uncovered Previews ‘The Stuff of Things’

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Comedy Uncovered included ‘The Stuff of Things’ in its preview of Comedy Coupe submissions:

The Show: The Stuff of Things is a mokcumentary series that explores science, the natural world ‘n stuff. They aspire to take a unique look at the stuff of things, you know?

Why We Think It’ll be Good: We’re big fans of mockumentaries, so imagine our delight when we learned the Stuff of Things is created by the local trio of talented writers/performers Brian Crosby, Aaron Hagey-MacKay, and Ian MacIntyre. Each is involved in the Toronto comedy scene: Aaron Hagey-Mackay (Jape, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival), Ian MacIntyre (The Beaverton, Sunday Night Live), and Brian Crosby (writer on The Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes), how can’t this show be a good time?


“One of the best comedy troupes I’ve ever seen live”

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The Majors

My sometime-comedy troupe, The Majors, performed last month at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Theatre reviewer Megan Mooney was in the crowd and later gave us the most positive review I’ve ever been the recipient of:

“I have to say, these guys ranked as one of the best comedy troupes I’ve ever seen live. Not only did they all visually present well (five sketch artists in suits), their humor was tight and incredibly well executed.”

‘#FAQMP’ Nominated for Canadian Screen Award

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I’m proud to announce that #FAQMP has been nominated for a CSA in the category of Best Cross-Platform Project

I perform a multi-function role on the show, serving as the digital strategist, community manager, editor, and web writer.  Having the show recognized for its interactivity and cross-platform structure is therefore a real treat.

Winners will be announced on March 1st, 2013.