photo update

Nature Photos


Some landscape and creature captures from the last few months. Enjoy!


Cuba 2016


Recently, I visited the socialist paradise that is Cuba. Instead of squirrels they have these little scurrying lizards. There’s a guy in Havana that serves coconut ice cream in a coconut. Good times.

China Wedding

China Photos 2


We crashed a wedding party in Taiyuan and the next day headed for Beijing to see The Great Wall and The Forbidden City.

China photo man

China Photos 1


During my two weeks in China I visited the Shanxi Province capital of Taiyuan as well as Huangshan Mountain and the Northern city of Datong where you find the Yungang Grottoes and cave statues. It’s a beautiful country with lots of history. Try the green bean buns.

HBF Tirgan

Tirgan Festival Photos


Here are a few photos from Habourfront‘s Iranian Festival: Tirgan.