Accidental Company Interview

My reformed sketch troupe is performing again in this year’s 10th anniversary Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Here is Jo

Crack-Duck #5 – Thought Attack

In this episode, Crack Duck ignores his problems by enjoying too much internet content. Wait, that’s what you’re d

Crack Duck #4 – Love Is Love

Crack Duck is desperate for love but previous attempts haven’t worked out well. After watching from afar, will Skiltch (

Crack Duck #3 – Baby Kisser

Thanks to your support of the first two episodes, Mondo Media ordered five more Crack Ducks. As usual, I voice the character o

‘Accidental Company’ Reunites for Toronto Sketch Fest

We’re back! The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has announced that my sketch troupe, Accidental Company, will perform at

Crack Duck is Top 10

This week L.A. Weekly put CRACK DUCK on its list of the top 10 web series of the year. It’s a weird and wonderful show a

Halloween Mystery Box 2014

Every year for Halloween I hold an event called Mystery Box. Sure, I have candy to offer but there’s also a box of sprin

The Stuff of Things: The Differentiator

Watch this week’s Comedy Coup video for The Stuff of Things. We give you a taste of the kind of adventures our show will

Crack Duck Episode #2: The Pursuit of Sadiness

It’s episode two of Crack Duck! I voice the character Skiltch in the internet’s weirdest cartoon. In this episode,

‘The Stuff of Things’ makes the top 100

My comedy pilot for CBC & Comedy Coup has been selected for the top 100! THE STUFF OF THINGS moves onto the next round but