Even More Irrelevant Show Sketches

The Irrelevant Show has aired some new sketches that I wrote. You can listen to the whole episode or just my pieces through th

More Irrelevant Show Sketches

Check out these scenes I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC radio: Tiny Condo Restaurant Reviews

Two More Irrelevant Show Sketches

Two more of my sketches were broadcast by the Irrelevant Show in February. There’s going to a large batch of my scenes a

Irrelevant Show Sketches

The Irrelevant Show is a sketch comedy show that airs on CBC Radio One’s national airwaves. The show returns for a fifth

Murder House Inspiration

My new cartoon show MURDER HOUSE has reached over 50,000 views in just over two weeks. Fellow writer/creators Andrew, Ned, and

Storytelling at Pan Am Games

The sports themed Raconteurs show that happened last week is getting restaged at the Pan Am Games. Pride House will be hosting

Raconteurs: Sports

I will be performing at the next Raconteurs show titled SPORTS on July 8th. With the Pam Am Games in town, some of TorontoR

Watch The Pilot To Murder House

This is very exciting! The first episode to my new show, produced with Mondo Media, is now online. Please watch it and give it

Accidental Company Featured in Radix

The University of Guelph interviewed my sketch troupe after our first show at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Here it is

Crack Duck #6 – Shadows In The Crack

Landlord Skiltch (voiced by me) helps Crack Duck confront the demons in his head. Click below to watch episode six of Crack Du